Former Dem Congressional Candidate Wants To “Empty (Kavanaugh’s) House And Burn His Shit…”

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Steve Cox is a liberal LUNATIC.  I know – I repeat myself, but this dude actually ran for Congress in California, y’all.  He also said at one point that “we should be allowed to shoot anyone who doesn’t take Covid seriously enough.”

Again – I know it’s not surprising that someone this unhinged ran for office as a Democrat in California – but he’s the same kind of individual that will call conservatives violent-right-wing-extremists, while spewing this complete crazy on Twitter:

Apparently, he deleted the tweet, because Democrat men are generally pansies, so I took that screenshot for you.  You’re welcome.

Just so we’re all clear, the FBI is busy investigating Moms at school board meetings, and this complete lunatic is walking around, just enjoying life and running for Congress willy-nilly. And then Jen Psaki and friends will try to tell you that DEMOCRATS’ protesting and riots and mayhem and violence – it’s all peaceful, minions!

The condescension is beyond laughable.  But liberals’ crazy?  Terrifying.

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