Angry Biden And His Throats And Daggers, Hamilton Serenades, And Ted Vs Tucker

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

It’s the day after the January 6th commemorative hullaballoo, and it was even more outrageous than I ever anticipated it would be yesterday.  A comparison to Pearl Harbor and 9/11?  Seriously?  A musical number from the folks at Hamilton?  OMG.

These people are pandering lunatics, and they’ll politicize ANYTHING.  Never waste a tragedy, amirite?

Speaking of the riot from last year, Ted Cruz was taken to task by Tucker Carlson – he jumped right on the “it was a terrorist attack!” bandwagon, and now he’s feeling the political heat for that.  Rightly so.  He groveled on Tucker’s show last night, but Tucker wasn’t having it.  What Ted should’ve done?  Apologized like a normal human being.  For some reason, politicians have a hard time doing that.

Next week, we’re doing our show at the normal time on Monday, but remember that Tuesday, January 11th – we’re doing a special show at 9:15 ET/8:15 CT for y’all.  And we have some BIG NEWS to share, so mark your calendars!

Happy weekend, everyone!


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