The Chicks And Stinchfield’s Christmas Week Chat – In Which We COMPLETELY MISS The Opportunity To Comment About Newsom’s Need For A Lozenge

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Daisy and I made our sort-of-weekly appearance on the Stinchfield show on Newsmax last night.  We were SO COMPLETELY STOKED to talk about the topics they sent to us in advance – the idiotic 21 day equity challenge at a Michigan school, NJ’s health department’s dumbass ad showing kids begging Santa for Covid vaccines, and MSNBC’s panel interview with a buncha kids who were super hype about getting vaxed.  But most of all, we were stoked to talk about Gavin Newsom’s new tyrant moves.

Instead, we got to talk about the idiotic 21 day equity challenge – yes –  and then NONE OF THE REST OF THE TOPICS, because instead we got thrown a curveball about crime – and specifically that Mary Gay Scanlon (D-PA) chick getting carjacked. We managed as we always do, but you GUYS.  I wanted to say something about Gavin Newsom’s need for a lozenge SO BAD.  I was all prepared to comment, “Someone get that guy a Sucrets and tell him to stop tyranting.” But newp. No deal.  We got Scanlon instead.

Anyway, just know that if we HAD gotten to talk Newsom or kids getting vaxed, we would have been WAY MORE PREPARED.

Daisy texted me after and was all, “How did you know about that carjack chick?”  And I was like, “I didn’t.  I pretended.  I completely wung it.”  Because I use verbs that don’t exist in text messages.  It’s how I rollify.

If you missed our appearance, feat not grasshoppers.  We gotchu.

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