Biden Whisperscreams Again, Fauci Demands That Jesse Be Fired, And We’re Becoming China. FYI.

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Biden’s presser was a complete disaster – but there was nothing in it that was a surprise.  We all knew that he was going to say vaccinated about 4,625,792 times and demonize those who aren’t vaccinated.  Because it’s your PATRIOTIC DUTY now to get vaccinated.  And boosted.  And boosted some more.  Because SCIIIIIENCE.

Is anyone paying attention to this crap anymore?  Or am I the only one who thinks these people are control-hungry wackjobs who aren’t doing their Actual Jobs?

Speaking of fearmongering jackhats, Fauci is demanding that Jesse Waters be fired for exercising his First Amendment rights.  That’s rich.  It’s absolutely remarkable how much power that little man has amassed for himself.

We get the government we deserve, folks.

Happy Wednesday.


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