Australia’s Outrageous Lock Down Restrictions

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

My household knows Australia best for our family television shows, “Australia’s deadliest”, my daughter is obsessed with deadly animals and Australia has ALL OF THEM, and the reality show “The Farmer Wants a Wife”, because who doesn’t like masculine (and sometimes awkwardly innocent) men looking to share everything they have with a stranger they’ve known for a week. I have a friend who lives in Australia, my favorite YouTuber Sydney Watson is Australian, and though I’ve never been myself, my husband has visited a few times for work. I’d say it’s a place the whole family looks favorably upon, so watching what’s happening in Australia right is really heartbreaking.

My friend wrote to me, “We’re in lockdown again right now so we’re not supposed to go more than 5km (3 miles) from our home at the moment, and we’re only allowed to leave home for certain reasons. So we make the most of the rule about exercising…supposed to only be for two hours a day but we “exercise” outdoors, just so we can get outside…it’s hard to be stuck inside with a toddler. Helps that the weather is gradually warming up. Also helps a lot that our 5 km radius is lovely….But I’d really love to be able to confidently book flights to visit my parents and in-laws…We’ve been forced into “lockdowns” now four times, we’ve forced to fully isolate at home or a hotel four times, and forced to get tested three times. I’ve never had Covid. I don’t know anyone who’s had Covid. I give as many ***** about Covid as I do about the flu or Chickenpox.”

That was written almost two weeks ago, before fines for violating Sydney lockdowns or lying to officials went from A$1,000 to A$5,000. The New South Wales police commissioner said “Those people that have been getting around the orders, taking family vacations to other premises – that is over.” That statement gives me Hugo Chavez vibes, but okay. The lockdowns are estimated to cost the economy A$1.5 billion ($1.11 billion) per week, and Australia’s infection and death rates are far lower than other countries, but the new lockdowns imposed have been some of the strictest.

HUNDREDS have been arrested for protesting the lockdowns, but thousands have taken to the streets in ever increasing numbers. “The Australians are being told that they can be arrested for going window shopping… by themselves. (Only essential shopping is allowed.) You’re supposed to avoid speaking to your neighbors. People are obviously past the point of simply feeling frustrated and anger is translating into violence at some of these events.”

The violence has not been restricted to adults. Some twat-waffle SHOT the shelter dogs to prevent volunteers from leaving home to pick them up. Right, that makes perfect sense. Twitter user The Reclaim Party posted video of a child who was pepper sprayed while holding a sign that says “Let me play!” Now I’m not a fan of taking children to protests in this day and age. I won’t even let my kids walk past a protest, we’re about to get back in the car and circle the WHOLE area. But still all of this seems a little like, wtf is going on here…

German, oh I’m sorry, Australian news stations are reporting on Covid positive individuals who left their houses, showing their pictures and releasing their names on national television, and issuing warrants for their arrest. They show teen boys being handcuffed and fined for hanging out and being out of their homes without “a reasonable excuse”, workers who are being sent home for not having the “proper paperwork” on them at all times.

Sky News Australia and other media sources were diligent and attentive enough to address about Joe Biden’s questionable mental health long before the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan drew the world’s notice, so the least we can do is shine a light upon the events Australian citizens are experiencing now. Send some positive thoughts and prayers to the Aussies. And send them some courage as well! Far too many Australians are thanking the government for saving their lives, and they fully support fining and arresting people for daring to sit outside. The whole world could use a bit more 1776 right now.

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