Kamala Harris Thinks She Needs To Say ‘No’ More Often When Faced With Responsibilities

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She should do what now?

Now, Kamala thinks it’s time to start saying “no” to responsibilites that are assigned to her by her boss. Maybe this statement would be less asinine if she had actually done anything so far…

This is great advice for anyone who has a boss that gives them too many responsibilities. Just say no. That will be sure to solve the problems you’re having at your job.

It will also result in you not having a job at all.

Although, businesses are so desperate for applicants because of Joe’s unemployment checks that you just might get away with this. Who knows…

Here’s Kamala’s full interview with BET. Unless you want to watch all 20 minutes, start at 18:34 (cackle included):


Kamala just keeps embarrassing herself (and all of us). This is what happens when we promote people based on their race and sex instead of their ability to do the job effectively. What a great role model! If you check the necessary boxes, it doesn’t matter what you say or do! Fake it ‘til you make it baby!!!!

In this same interview, Kamala explains why voter ID is unfair to rural Americans:

I have no words. These politicians are so out of touch. It’s ridiculous.

The American people knew that Kamala wasn’t cut out for this. They soundly rejected her campaign for President. Tulsi ended her bid in under three minutes on the debate stage:

Need I say more?