Opinion: After No Questions About Fauci Emails At WH Press Briefing, Do We Still Have A Free Press That Seeks The Truth?

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Today Jen Psaki held an entire press briefing without once being asked about the damaging and incriminating leaked Fauci emails.

Literally thousands of pages of emails obtained through the Freedom Of Information Act, a significant number of which beg many serious questions about Fauci’s actions and statement before Congress and the American people.

And reporters had plenty of time to prep some questions on the subject.

But not one single question was asked.

Here it is if you care to watch it.

Imagine if these leaked emails had belonged to President Trump or some other conservative administration official.
Do you think the press would have asked about anything else? Or would they have been prepared with specific details from the emails and ask specific questions? If a question was dodged, the next reporter probably would have followed up and pressed for answers. The leaked emails would have immediately ruled the news cycle. Experts and analysts would have been brought in to pick apart every email and its implications. Reporters would plaster the most damning statements across all news outlets and make sure the American people knew what was said.
But they were Fauci’s emails. “America’s doctor,” featured on the cover of many trendy magazines and brought on all the mainstream news shows.
And they can’t have him discredited like that. They can’t risk the narrative like that. So, not a single reporter asked a single question about a single email.
Here are my thoughts.
Perhaps Psaki only called on reporters she assumed wouldn’t bring it up, which would mean those reporters have proven themselves loyal to a particular narrative rather than the truth and the American people.
Perhaps she coordinated with reporters ahead of time to make sure she only called on the ones who promised they wouldn’t bring it up, which would mean those reporters are essentially conspiring with a particular party to essentially hide certain damaging information from the American people.
Perhaps our press is so entirely bought and paid for by a particular party, and is so loyal to a particular narrative, that they simply had no interest in bringing it up. Maybe they don’t care about the emails. Maybe they don’t care about Fauci lying to and manipulating Congress and the American people. Maybe they’re just as happy the American people don’t hear much discussion of these emails because it damages their narrative as much as it damages the Biden Administration narrative.
Perhaps the White House and the mainstream press representatives were happy to box out the more conservative leaning reporters who might ask undesirable questions. Better to just prevent the questions from being asked than try to run damage control after answering. Which means that our press isn’t free. It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement where only approved individuals are permitted to act as the press. If you don’t agree to play by their rules and support their narrative, then you aren’t permitted to act as the press.
Even looking at the headlines today, it’s almost like there was a meeting of top mainstream media representatives where they all decided what angle to take on these Fauci emails.
Can’t you just picture a conference call where someone says, ‘How can we minimize the damage on these emails? How can we frame them in such a way that Fauci still looks like the good guy. Hey, I know, let’s say they show how hard he was working. How stressed he was. How dedicated he was. How shocked he was at being a celebrity. And we’ll just breeze over all the lies and damaging admissions.’
How many times does the mainstream media have to disregard the truth, manipulate information, or censor particular divergent voices before the American people will recognize that the mainstream media no longer cares about the truth.
Do we even still have a free press who seeks the truth?
Or do we have paid propagandists who double as PR consultants with press credentials?