AOC Gets Blasted After Blaming Trump For Grandmother’s Poor Living Conditions While She Rolls In A Tesla

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Y’all. AOC took to twitter to blast Trump using the tragic story of her grandmother. Turns out it mostly just makes her look like a heartless and selfish woman who cares more about politics than about her own grandmother. Here’s how it went down.

She says she visited her sick grandmother in Puerto Rico. She shows pictures of her grandmother’s home that was damaged by Hurricane Maria.

She then blames her grandmother’s situation on Trump blocking relief money.

Here’s the thing. Self-proclaimed socialist ACO bought a new Tesla Model 3 in 2020. MSRP for the low end Model 3 is just shy of $40K. That’s assuming she was cool with the lowest trim and no add ons, which I personally doubt. She also has two apartments.

Side note, it’s amazing how successful a socialist can be in a capitalist country, isn’t it? And how weird that she would rail against the Tesla company that received billions in low-interest loans and tax breaks, and then turn around and buy one. Also, her Tesla was caught parking illegally, which doesn’t surprise me in the least. She probably believes she’s above parking rules. I wonder if any tax payer dollars are spent on parking tickets.

So anyway, I had this crazy idea. Stick with me, here.

What if maybe AOC used some of the money she’s earned in this capitalist country of opportunity to help her grandmother rather than letting her live in a damaged home while waiting for the government to help her?

I know. Crazy idea. Why do something yourself when you can wait for someone else to do it for you, right? Why use your own money when you can wait for the government to pay for it? Why take responsibility for your own family if there’s a possibility that the government will take responsibility for your family for you?

But it seems like maybe if AOC can afford a new Tesla, maybe she could also afford to help out her own grandmother. Now, this might mean she would have to sacrifice a little bit in order to help her grandmother. And I get it that it’s hard to make sacrifices. When you’re at the top of the socialist food chain, you’re not the one making sacrifices, so she might not understand this concept. And I get it that she might not want to sacrifice if the American people can sacrifice instead so that the government can be responsible for her grandmother instead of her. But still, this crazy idea seems like an option.

Turns out I’m not the only one that thinks it’s weird for her to buy a Tesla and rent multiple apartments, then not help her grandma and instead blame Trump.

Honestly, what ever happened to personal responsibility? As sad as it is that her grandmother’s home is in that condition, I can’t help but wonder why AOC hasn’t done anything about it. Does she honestly just think it’s the government’s job to take care of her grandmother, so she’ll just sit back and wait for them to help instead of showing some personal responsibility and helping herself? Is she really willing to let her grandmother live in those conditions so she can publicly blame Trump?

Are the people running our country really this selfish? Unfortunately, yes they are.

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