MSNBC’s Joy Reid Suggests Bryant Didn’t Deserve To Die For ‘Acting Imperfect’ And ‘Having An Off Day’

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It’s sad by how wide of a margin they’re missing the point…

This panel on MSNBC is actually trying to say that the point of Black Lives Matter isn’t to just kill black people willy nilly. In other words – they believe that shooting a knife-wielding black girl who is stabbing other black individuals IN FRONT OF THEM is going against black lives mattering?

Lord help us all.

According to Fox News:

MSNBC host Joy Reid led a panel discussion Thursday during which one guest argued that the imperfections of Ma’Khia Bryant did not justify her fatal shooting by a Columbus, Ohio police officer, despite the fact that the 16-year-old was attacking another Black teen.

“People are already flipping from ‘I have compassion for George Floyd’s family’ to ‘That one, she deserved that. She deserved to die,” Reid said about Bryant’s “murder.”

During the segment, Rutgers University Associate Professor Brittany Cooper said that the Black Lives Matter movement never argued that Black people “need to be perfect in order for them to deserve dignity” and “good policing.”

“This was never the argument for the movement of Black lives … that you just get to kill Black people, particularly when they’re not being perfect,” Cooper told Reid. “I think about how perfect … the prosecution had to be in order to get the conviction for George Floyd. It had to be impeccable, they had to leave no stone unturned.

I don’t know about you guys, but I can’t remember the last time I was having an imperfect, bad day and thought, ‘hmm, today is pretty awful and I’m not perfect… let’s stab some b*tches.’


Then the panel tried to argue that, since the black girl was a minor with a knife, that a grown man with a gun shouldn’t be a cop if he deems it’s necessary to use that gun on her. What kind of logic is that?

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HE FREAKING SAVED THAT OTHER TEEN’S LIFE! WHO WAS ALSO BLACK! That isn’t good enough? That isn’t praiseworthy?!

They went on to suggest that the police aren’t being transparent and thus aren’t trustworthy with the authenticity of this case. The proof is in the footage, no matter how skewed your perception of reality must be.

If you threaten lethal force, prepare to be met with lethal force.