John Kerry Says “We Need To Get Carbon Dioxide Out Of The Atmosphere”

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Just as I wouldn’t take abstinence advice from a pornstar, I definitely wouldn’t take climate advice from a politician.

John Kerry said ON TELEVISION that we need to get carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere.


I shake my head at the democrats so frequently lately that I’m afraid I’m going to knock something loose.

You didn’t even need to be awake during biology class to have the common knowledge of earth’s basic processes and cellular respiration. Plants literally need CO2 (carbon dioxide) to survive and we need plants to release oxygen FOR US TO BREATHE.

If the plants die, we all die, you dimwits. This isn’t the first time (and sadly won’t be the last) that scientific illiteracy wins over the masses.

Why don’t y’all do your part to “save the environment” and just hold your breath?