Abandoned Migrant Boy Cries For Help [VIDEO]

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A young boy was abandoned in southern Texas while traveling with a group from Mexico. A Border Patrol agent approached the boy and recorded the interaction, where the young boy proceeded to ask for help in Spanish, and that he had no idea where the rest of the group was.

According to the Daily Mail:

The boy is one of hundreds of unaccompanied children crossing the border each day.

New government statistics released last week revealed that 171,000 migrants were caught by US authorities at the border in March – the highest monthly total in two decades and the latest sign of the mounting humanitarian challenge confronting President Joe Biden.

The total includes about 19,000 unaccompanied migrant children and 53,000 family members traveling together, the preliminary figures showed.

The March arrest totals at the US-Mexico border represent the highest monthly level since April 2000 when border patrol agents caught more than 180,000 migrants.

People who are actually seeking refuge for their families don’t just abandon their children in a foreign country.

I could never imagine just setting my child loose into another country, lost in the desert to fend for her/himself and travel completely alone. This is just plain cruel. This young boy’s parents weren’t even part of the group he was traveling with.

Yes, of course I blame the inhumane parents of this child… but I also blame the Biden Administration and their stupidity to now assign VP laughs-a-lot to handle an entire humanitarian disaster.

Yeah, that’s right – Cackler Harris has been passed the baton by our even-more-useless President Biden.

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Biden said he has asked Harris ‘to lead our efforts’ with Mexico and other nations that need help in ‘stemming’ immigration.

He described her as the most qualified person for the job, pointing to her work as state attorney general of California.

‘I’ve asked her, the VP today because she’s most qualified person to do it to lead our efforts with Mexico and the northern triangle and the countries that need help in stemming the movement of so many folks stemming migration to our southern border,’ he said.

‘She’s most qualified person to do it to lead our efforts,’ he said.

Oooof. You thought the bar was low for Biden? At this rate, Kamala Harris must be playing limbo in hell.

Check out this video of the encounter –