USA Today Fires “Race And Inclusion Editor” Following Racist Misinformation Tweets About Boulder Shooter

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Turns out you’re not allowed to be blatantly racist if you’re job is to be a “race and inclusion editor” for a major news publication.

I’m not sure why this even has to be said, because it really seems like it should be intuitive for any intelligent human being. But USA Today has fired their “race and inclusion editor” after she falsely, and racistly, claim that the Boulder shooter was an “angry white man.”

Before any information about the shooter was made public, Hemal Jhaveri, apparently the “race and inclusion editor” for USA Today, took to Twitter about how mass shooters are “always an angry white man.”

She assumed, based on absolutely no information at all, that the shooter was white and then spread that misinformation through her verified journalistic Twitter account.

That’s literally blatant racism from someone who’s entire job is supposedly combating racism in journalism. But is that really her job? I don’t think so. What even is a “race and inclusion editor? I think actually her job is to scour USA Today publications and make sure that only the right kind of racism and discrimination, anti-white racism and discrimination, appear in their mainstream journalism. But people aren’t really allowed to say that party out loud. And apparently you can’t be too obvious about it, either, or it’ll get you fired.

Of course Hemal Jhaveri claims she was fired because of…

Wait for it…

White supremacy.

Yes, seriously. She’s literally claiming that she was fired because of white supremacy and racism.

Heaven forbid she actually take responsibility for her own actions.

But that’s one of the major problems with our declining society today. No one takes responsibility for their own actions. It’s always someone else’s fault.

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