Sen. Cruz Tours Donna Immigration Facility Which Is At 1500% Capacity, President And VP Conspicuously Absent

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

This week Republican lawmakers visited the crisis on the U.S.-Mexico border. Mind you, your President and Vice President have yet to acknowledge that there is even a crisis, much less visit the crisis to see what’s actually going on.

Interestingly, reports say that Kamala Harris has been tasked with addressing the border crisis, and my hopes aren’t very high because a few days ago when she was asked if she planned to visit the devastating border crisis that she and her administration created, she literally laughed about it and sarcastically dismissed the question.

And she still doesn’t have any plans to visit. Maybe she doesn’t care about the thousands of kids in cages? Maybe she doesn’t care that Covid positive illegal immigrants are surging into the country? Maybe she doesn’t care that she is spending tens of millions of taxpayer money to house illegal immigrants in hotels while our own National Guard sleeps in parking lots?

And despite the White House’s reluctance to allow press into the facilities or to release photos and videos, people are finally starting to see what’s really going on down there, and it’s not good.

In case you can’t quite tell, those are people laying on the ground and crammed tightly together. Thousands of people smashed directly up against each other in small plastic cages, wrapped in foil blankets.

Ted Cruz led a tour of the Donna, TX, detention facility. Despite the 250 person Covid capacity restriction, the facility is currently over 1500% capacity with 4,000 holding illegal immigrants.

I guess the question now is, will Kamala Harris admit that there is a very serious crisis at our border as a direct result of the Biden Administration promises and policies, and will she take any positive action to rectify the situation? Or will she just throw taxpayer money at the problem and hope that something else distracts the people from this epic administration failure?