Here Are The Platforms We’re Gonna Use, And Which Ones We Aren’t, And Why.

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Things are happening so fast, aren’t they?  There are SO MANY people throwing around names of different platforms for everyone to migrate to, and it’s hard to keep up with all of them.  Believe me, I know this. I get it.  It’s overwhelming.

I’ve tried to post updates about where we are creating communities as best I can, but I realize that not everyone sees those updates, and so I thought I’d compile a list (as of today) of the different platforms we’re on, which ones we plan to be most active on, and which ones we probably won’t use (because there just aren’t enough hours in the day to post everywhere everyday).

SO, for as long as they’ll keep us, here are the platforms we are currently on (and if you click the platform name it’ll take you right to OUR page on that platform) and our activity on those platforms:

  1.  Chicks on the Right – yup, right here.  This website.  Which we’ve had since 2009.  And which you should be visiting daily.
  2.  Our daily/weekly Podcast – If you prefer listening to us versus reading/watching, you definitely want to subscribe! There are a ton of platform choices – pretty much every podcast platform you might already be using is one where you can find us.  The full list is at that link, so choose your platform and just look for the Chicks on the Right w/ Mock and Daisy Show!
  3.  Facebook – we’ve been there since 2009 too, and it’s where we’ve amassed our largest audience.  We are continuing to post and do our weekday video livestreams there, simultaneously with YouTube.
  4. Facebook Group – an offshoot of our regular FB page, and another place where we remain active and post with some regularity.
  5. Mock and Daisy Show on YouTube – we do our weekday video livestream there concurrently with FB, and it’s there where our “tailgaters” gather each morning before we go live to begin chatting amongst themselves.  It’s turned into a fabulous micro-community all on its own!
  6. Rumble – we will be posting each weekday livestream video here as an alternative to YouTube. As of yet, they do not have a livestream feature but it’s in the works!
  7. Twitter – where we’re absolutely hemorrhaging followers by the minute, but we’re hanging tight until the end.
  8. Parler – this will be where we’ll end up once we’re no longer permitted on Twitter, and we have already begun posting regularly there. In just a few months, we’ve amassed more followers on Parler than on Twitter, which just exemplifies what a ridiculously biased platform it is.
  9. Instragram – very active there still, as long as they’ll have us!
  10. MeWe – while we have an open account there, we are not yet actively posting due to time constraints.  If FB removes our page, this may be an alternative we’ll use.
  11. Locals – we’re just starting to create our page on Locals – which is Dave Rubin’s platform that he created as a Patreon alternative.  Still a lot of work to do to get our page up and running, but we do expect to use this platform shortly.

While we have an account on Gab that I created FOREVER ago, I don’t think at this time that we’ll be using it unless other options above disappear.  I’m aware of other platforms out there, but again, we can’t be everywhere – it’s simply too time consuming, so we are trying to choose wisely where we can be the most productive.

As you can see already, trying to maintain a presence at so many different places is no small task, but we’re doing our best.  If you ever wonder, “how come the Chicks aren’t responding to my comments/emails/voicemails?” hopefully you can appreciate why. 🙂

And more important than anything else, if all else fails, and we’re booted everywhere, we’ll contact you via email to keep you updated about our next moves, so MAKE SURE that you submit your email. We’ve never sent a mass email before, and we have no immediate intentions of doing so, but if the need arises, you’ll definitely want to make sure you’re included! So don’t worry about us spamming you – it simply won’t happen.

Lastly, if you are interested in supporting us and our work and our efforts, which we appreciate more than you can possibly imagine, consider making a donation.  You can donate to our Paypal account using this link, (and you can even choose to make a regular monthly donation if you’d like using that same link) – our account is tied to my email address or you can donate via Venmo as well using this link. However you choose to support us, financially or otherwise, we appreciate you being a part of the community we’ve worked to build over this past 12 years!