Today’s Presser, Rudy’s Hair Dye, And Some Venting

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You guys – I am losing my patience with all of this kraken releasing crap.  I’m sorry.  I’m just over it. There is constantly all of this continuous breathless anticipation of EARTHSHATTERING PILES OF IRREFUTABLE EVIDENCE of widespread election fraud, and then there’s continuous let-downs.

Did you watch any of the presser today?  The biggest takeaway by the MSM appears to be that Rudy Giuliani sweat a bunch of hair dye down his cheeks.  Seriously.

So, Rudy, Sidney Powell, and Jenna Ellis held a presser in which Rudy said a bunch of stuff we’ve heard before, held up a bunch of affidavits we’ve heard about but that he won’t actually release because the sworn testimonies come from people who are afraid to be publicized (and I don’t blame them a bit), and references to My Cousin Vinny were made.

I mean, YOU GUYS. They’ve really got to step up their game. Because if they’re losing people like me, who genuinely believe this election was completely borked, then there’s no way they’re going to convince people who DON’T believe this election was completely borked – that this election was, in fact, BORKED.

Sidney Powell said she’s identified commie money through Venezuela, Cuba and China that has interfered with the election, but again – WHERE IS THE KRAKEN. Why are there press conferences about this stuff, and not actual movement in the courts? All I hear is that their lawsuits keep getting thrown out or dismissed. If their evidence is so compelling, why is it not moving the needle in the courts? Rudy can say, “Give us a chance to prove it in court and we will,” all he wants, but the courts are DISMISSING ALL KINDS OF CASES about election fraud DUE TO A LACK OF EVIDENCE.

I agree with Karl Rove – it’s time to PUT UP. PROVE the allegations already. So far, they’ve lost like 30 lawsuits that they’ve brought, you guys.

These pressers are not helpful. It feels a whole lot like all the build up that happened this entire year with John Durham’s investigation – which, I probably don’t need to remind you – HAS NOT YIELDED ANYTHING even remotely satisfying. I’m sick and tired of being told that any minute now – criminals like Comey and Strzok and Brennan and Clinton are finally gonna go DOWN, only for them to smugly keep appearing on all the talk shows. I. AM. OVER. IT.

Now, I say all that, and then I watch clips like this:

You have NO IDEA how much I want to believe in what she’s saying. I wanna believe it more than anything. But you guys – there has been way too much disappointment this year. Way too much build-up with way too many let-downs. 2020 has been a complete sh*tshow on every level, and I’m just sick of being constantly disappointed. Sidney Powell is a complete badass and I have a ton of respect for her. But she HAS TO KNOW that people are fed up and losing patience.

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I know a bunch of y’all are gonna be all mad at me for this post, but you guys, I gotta keep it real. You cannot possibly have watched that presser and felt like it moved the needle. If you did, could you please pass me some of your faith and trust in this process? Because I’ve run out, and could really use a refill.

UPDATE:  Since there are so many triggered people who are furious at me for honestly expressing my frustration about this, I wonder if those some people are furious at Tucker right now too?