Sleepy Joe: 6,114 Dead From COVID19 In Military … Actual Number Is 7

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Uh-oh, here comes Biden with his hot dog water energy. Looks like sleepy Joe has botched the facts yet again.

Biden boldly stated that the number of coronavirus deaths in the United States military amounts to 6,114. In reality, there have only been seven deaths in the United States military, according to the Pentagon.

Apparently Biden intended to cite Michigan’s COVID deaths, not the military… because the abbreviation for “MI” is super confusing to him. But of course, it’s not the first time Biden has royally screwed up facts and representation; he is repeatedly wrong by exponential factors.

I guess we’ll never know the truth behind Biden’s “innocent mistake” with that one because, quite frankly, I don’t think he even does.

Breitbart reported:

Biden was speaking to members of the United Auto Workers in Michigan. After fumbling about for a card listing U.S. military deaths in Afghanistan and Iraq, which he said he always kept with him — but which he had given to his staff — Biden read the casualty numbers for those wars, along with those for the coronavirus.

Struggling to read the numbers, he said:

U.S. COVID-infected military — excuse me, U.S. COVID-infected in America: six thousand, three hundred forty-four thousand, seven hundred [sic]. U.S. COVID deaths: one thousand, one hundred eighty-nine thousand, five hundred six [sic]. Military COVID-infected: one hundred and eighteen thousand, nine hundred and eighty-four. Military COVID deaths: six thousand, one hundred and fourteen. Folks: every one of these lives matter. Every one of these lives left somebody behind, grieving.

However, the actual number of coronavirus deaths in the military is seven, according to the Pentagon.

Biden sure does love to talk about how deeply he cares about the U.S. soldiers though, eh? SO WEIRD that he grossly overestimates military cases and deaths, AND so easily mixes those numbers up with numbers for a state…

Yet the media consistently gives him a pass, mistake after mistake.

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Perhaps Biden was trying to quote numbers from the Ukraine or China, seeing how it’s a family affair to be unnecessarily involved elsewhere. Okay, okay, I’m just being condescending now. It’s just sooooo easy.