Netflix ‘Cuties’ Is Worse Than You Can Imagine, I’m Disgusted And I Have Questions

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

I’ve had it y’all, and I have questions so bear with me. Have y’all heard about the Netflix documentary, ‘Cuties,’ and how it’s out now? You know, the Netflix flick that is trending now on Twitter for sexually exploiting little girls? The one that is convincing all people with Actual Brains to cancel their Netflix subscriptions?

Well, I’m here to inform you that ‘Cuties’ is absolutely over the top sick and wrong, but the ‘leadership’ at Netflix and many leftist media brands and leftist inclusive loons think it is okay and acceptable and normal.

I have a question for Netflix. What planet of sick pedophilia perversion are you on? Do woke elitist liberals in this country think ‘Cuties’ is okay to produce and promote and normalize? BECAUSE I’M HERE TO TELL YOU – MOST OF US DON’T APPROVE and anyone that supports Pedophilia (?) well I have words for you, but I won’t share what I’d like to say to you on this platform.

This twitter thread began going viral on September 9th; the same day, ‘Cuties,’ was released. Watch at your discretion. If you can’t bring yourself to watch it? Here you go:

Maybe all the woke and all-inclusive moms and dads out there who’ve been taking their kids to drag queen story hours for the past few years will disagree with me. If so, bring it — I’ll be happy to debate y’all, sickos. Here’s some sarcasm, just for y’all:

This is just one of those red lines YOU DO NOT CROSS. No matter your political views or sexual orientation, this should be 100% agreed upon.

PEDOPHILES ARE NOT PEOPLE. Pedophilia should never be normalized, and no matter how woke or inclusive you are, I hope you have the intelligence to realize that PEDOPHILIA IS NOT a sexual orientation.

Still, here we are. The media left can be found in full support of this ‘art form,’ claiming that the documentary is now victim to far right-wing criticism. Sorry frauds; in my book, if you support this, you are a sponsor of child abuse and Pedophilia, you’re sick, or you’re a pedophile. Full stop. If you support children’s sexual exploitation, your sick cat is out of the bag. I hope your perverted ad dollars were worth it because most humans won’t put up with this, and you can kiss your brand/media brand goodbye.

This video presentation by Blake Lively has been out there in Twitterland for a while. Now, with Cuties, it makes me wonder if the board at Netflix, you know the board that Benghazi Video Queen Susan Rice was on for a couple of years, knows anything about the target demographic of pedophiles. As I said, I have questions and a lot of them. Another one is for the beloved Obama team who recently made bank on a Netflix deal. I’m sure neither of them, both on record adoring Harvey Weinstein, know anything about this:

And people still question this all as ‘Pedowood conspiracy theories.’

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And where is #metoo on this? Oh yeah, right. #metoo is dead.

In closing, I have to share a HUGE kudos to Babylon Bee – my favorite parody and satire publisher on planet earth. They got this one SPOT ON THE MONEY for perfection in satire.

But now, is it? I think everyone knows that ‘Cuties’ may very well be normalizing Pedophilia for much more significant and darker reasons. To me, it’s clear as day, but I’ll let all y’all decide for yourselves.

Let’s face it, folks, we all know Epstein didn’t kill himself, and where is Prince Andrew, anyway?

Those on the left and in the main slime media will try to smear us for our non-inclusive ‘far-right views’ on this. I say go for it. It will be a good way for all low life pedophile supporting scum to surface and expose themselves above water.

P.S. Don’t expect a word about this from Mr. VP Sniffer. He likely approves of it all.