WATCH: Behind-the-Scenes Access To the Inner Workings of Congress Features Republican Matt Gaetz And Others In HBO’s ‘THE SWAMP’

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

HBO has released a trailer for its new documentary, The Swamp, which premieres tomorrow and features Republican Congressmen Matt Gaetz, Thomas Massie, and Ken Buck.


According to HBO,

Directed by Daniel DiMauro and Morgan Pehme (Get Me Roger Stone), The Swamp provides a look behind the curtain of Washington politics by following three renegade Republican Congressmen – Matt Gaetz (R-FL), Thomas Massie (R-KY), and Ken Buck (R-CO) – over the course of a pivotal year in politics as they champion President Trump’s call to “drain the swamp.”

With unique behind-the-scenes access to the inner workings of the House amid major breaking news events, including the Robert Mueller hearing and Presidential impeachment proceedings, the film presents a revealing look at the core democratic institution of American government and demonstrates the breadth and grip of a system that rewards fundraising above all else, plaguing Congress on both sides of the aisle.

I’m generally a little wary about political documentaries, because they always seem to have An Agenda.  But I have to say, The Swamp looks really interesting.

Will you tune in?