NY Pub Hilariously Offers ‘Cuomo Chips’ To Comply With Cuomo’s Ridiculous New Rule that Alcohol Purchases Must Include Food

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Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York has instituted a slow reopening of his state’s economy, and it’s about as well-thought out as you’d expect. My personal favorite rule of his is that people can’t order alcoholic beverages at restaurants unless they’re also getting food.

Do you see a potential loophole there? Because New York bar and restaurant owners sure did.

Matthew Bagley, owner of Harvey’s Irish Pub in Saratoga, is offering his signature Cuomo Chips at the low, low price of one buckaroo.

Here’s your food Cuomo. Come on by. I’ll buy your first chip.

Posted by Matthew Brian Bagley on Thursday, July 16, 2020

Bagley is not the only– or even first– bar owner to skirt the rules in the most obvious loophole ever, but he is the most savage. Speaking to a local news station, he said, “I mean why not, they’re his chips, they’re his rule so he might as well get some recognition and acknowledgment for another little hurdle we have to jump through as business owners.”

Chicks on the Right has obtained this exclusive image of Cuomo’s reaction to these 100% compliant workarounds: