MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Makes the Worst Prediction Ever, Trump Proves Her Wrong By Announcing ‘Historic Job Numbers’ [Opinion]

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

When is MSNBC going to fire her for incompetence? Rachel Maddow’s show is entirely devoid of fact, and she knows this. The premise around her show is, “Trump is bad.”

Maddow told her approximately 12 viewers that tune into her show this week that they should “brace themselves” because job numbers were coming out this week, and they were going to be bad.

In Rachel’s defense, all of her Democrat buddies, along with some weak Republicans, continue to stifle the economy with their continued lockdowns. She expected job numbers to be bad because she knew these lockdowns didn’t have to do with the virus, but instead its purposed was to tear down the American economy.

They do this to hurt Trump, but all it does it cripple everyday Americans.

Well, surprise, surprise, we saw an increase of 4.8 million jobs in June.

This is record-setting job’s numbers again under Trump’s presidency. Trump said that this was the largest monthly jobs’ gain in the history of our country. Unemployment is down to 11% which is still high, but all things considered, is better than we could have expected.

Right now, it looks like Americans are more worried about getting back to work than hiding from this virus, despite Democrats’ attempting to tank the economy by locking their residents into their homes.

This makes Rachel Maddow 0-??? in the predictions that will take down Trump department.

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