‘White BLM Activist’ Caught On Video, Accused Of Assaulting Black Man Who Was Removing ‘Black Lives Matter’ Signs [Opinion]

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Many people still believe Black Lives Matter is about ending discrimination, in all forms, against black people.

However, it is really just a radical organization with left-wing aims such as socialism, LGBTQ rights, and illegal immigration. On their website, they refer to each other as comrades.

They attack the nuclear family and rail against the so-called patriarchy. The movement is filled with radicals who don’t much care for the opinions of everyday black people.

ABC reported on this video below showing a white man viciously attacking a black man trying to clean up the community he lives in. He is trying to take down all the protest signs cluttering his neighborhood. The signs were hung on a fence outside of a high school in Visalia, California.

ABC30 reports that the Visalia Unified School District now wants the signs to come down as a result of the dispute.

Visalia resident Robert Ginsberg recorded a video on Sunday night as a man tried to take down the signs as his family watched, and his efforts led to an argument with others defending the signs.

“Basically, he’s teaching his kids his intolerance and I just don’t understand how, you know, if you disagree with a message, you know, this is the most peaceful way you can demonstrate,” says Ginsberg.

Since May 25, high school students within the Visalia Unified School District have turned their anger into activism through handwritten signs covering a city block stretch of chain-link fence along the perimeter of the El Diamante High School.

But increased tensions between the community and student demonstrations prompted the district to send a letter asking for the removal of all signs from the school’s fence by July 3, citing safety issues.

The school is not the place to display these political statements. The schools serve the entire community and those of every political opinion. They absolutely should be removed.

It sure doesn’t look like this white guy really cares about black lives, does it? He cares more about signs saying Black Lives Matter than about an actual black life standing right in front of him. He deserves to be arrested and charged for making threats and laying his hands on the other man in a threatening way.

The restraint shown by the man being attacked was… miraculous. No one would have blamed him if he hauled off and decked the white dude.

When will people wake up and see Black Lives Matter is not about black people? They are no different than Antifa or any other radical left-wing group.

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