Woman Explodes After Allegedly Asked to Wear A Mask At Grocery Store, Now Dubbed ‘Karen of the San Fernando Valley,’ Report Says

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Happy Monday! Let me start by saying I am so sick and tired of 2020. I am OVER IT. I’m over the masks. I’m over the pandemic. I’m over the politics. I’m over BLM. I’m over the lawlessness.

And judging from the video below, this woman is over 2020 as well.

The Blaze is reporting on an alleged “Karen” who refused to wear a mask at a California Trader Joe’s. The woman claims a medical condition that prevents her from wearing a mask.

Watch the videos and see her lose her sh*t. I must say, I actually feel sympathetic towards her.

A woman is being dubbed the “Karen of the San Fernando Valley” after she was caught on video launching into an angry tirade at a Trader Joe’s grocery store in California this weekend.

A Trader Joe’s opened up on Friday in North Hollywood, and one woman provided the fireworks for the grand opening. The woman was asked to wear a face mask by Trader Joe’s employees, and she was not particularly fond of that idea.

A viral video shows employees asking her to wear a mask, and she reacts by slamming down her shopping basket and screaming at the employees.

Before leaving Trader Joe’s, the woman wearing a light blue Bebe shirt shrieks, “You’re f***ing Democratic pigs, all of you!”

“That man harassed me for not wearing a mask,” the furious woman is heard saying in the viral video before she is escorted out of the store. “Yes, I have a breathing problem, my doctor will not let me wear a mask. So anyone harassing me to wear a mask, you guys are violating federal law. Did you get that? Get that on camera.”

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These employees are… dumb. This woman was likely minding her own business, shopping for groceries. This confrontation resulted in her screaming in a rage, spreading germs galore. Was it really worth it?

The very best part was when the berserk woman called them “Democratic pigs.” Although she seems a bit off her rocker, the whole exchange is funny and entertaining. I kind of understand her rage. Is that bad???

This woman reminds me of Michael Douglas in Falling Down. A fantastic movie that probably reflects the seething rage of many in the so-called silent majority today.

I wish people would mind their own business about masks. Liberals need to practice their tolerance and acceptance of people who think differently than them. Live and let live.

Do you have some sympathy for this “Karen’s” rage?