Don Jr. Points Out One Glaring Problem After WaPo Fact-Checks Trump’s Claim That Dangerous Cities Are Run By Democrats

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

The other day, President Trump pointed out that the Democrats control basically every major dangerous city in the United States. His statement sent leftist journalists, including those at the Washington Post, into a meltdown.

WaPo correspondent Philip Bump wrote the article fact-checking Trump’s claim. He found that the claim isn’t literally true.

[T]wo of the mayors of cities with the most reported violent crimes overall, though, are independents and one, the mayor of Jacksonville, Fla., is a Republican.  Among the 20 cities with the most violent crime per capita, one isn’t a Democrat: the independent mayor of Springfield, Mo.

He included a graph of the data:

I don’t think this is as dispositive as Mr. Bump thinks. First of all, the top ten cities overall have Democrat mayors.  That alone suggests Trump’s claim is actually correct.

Second, Jacksonville–the only Republican-led city on the list–had a long history of Democrat rule, and has seen crime drop precipitously since Republicans have come to office:

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Unfortunately, most people won’t look at the data in Mr. Bump’s article. They’ll see the headline, assume it is correct in calling Trump a liar, and move on.

Of course, Mr. Bump was ready for those of us who actually look at the data and find his claim lacking.

No, Philip, it’s not fake news because it’s not literally true. It’s fake news because you ignored that the top ten most dangerous cities overall are run by Democrats in favor of focusing on the two Independent-led and one Republican-led cities in the 11 through 20 rankings.

If that opinion puts me in the “Legion of Bozos,” so be it.

Democracy dies in darkness, indeed.

Donald Trump Jr. also pointed out the problem by noting, “Fake news gonna fake.”

“Just remember, when you watch the news this is the kind of crap they try to pull. Anything they can manipulate to push their narrative they will and they’ll sell it like it’s the gospel. Don’t be fooled any more.”