Opinion: Cuomo Unveils ‘COVID Mountain,’ Immediately Gets Mocked Mercilessly By Conservatives

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Andrew Cuomo killed THOUSANDS of seniors with his nursing home policy. His directive told nursing homes that they were not allowed to deny patients entry into the nursing home even if they were STILL CONTAGIOUS.

He told New Yorkers they had to stay in their homes to protect the elderly who were the most at risk, all the while sending the infection right to them. There are some conspiracies as to why people think he did this, and they are great.

One of the most popular theories and my personal favorite is that he desperately needed to bring down the amount of medicare being paid by the state. Rumor is that he turned a blind eye when medicare recipients started dropping like flies because the state’s economy desperately needed a break, and the deaths added zeros to checks from the government.

Of course, I am not insinuating that I have proof of this or that this accurately described what Andrew Cuomo thought when he sent the infection into nursing homes. I am merely saying that this is a popular conspiracy theory.

Because he killed so many people and allowed the virus to spread like wildfire in his dirty state, America is calling him an imbecile, and he hates it. To defend himself against the growing number of critics, Andrew Cuomo built himself a COVID mountain to show just how bad it was and that it’s getting better.

The sad thing is that he and his team thought this was going to help! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

Yes, you just witnessed the governor in charge of one of our most important states economically, unveil just how bad he did during the peak of his power.

Twitter didn’t let this gem go to waste and destroy Andrew Cuomo’s failed attempt at making him look good.

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