BREAKING: Suspect In Custody After Allegedly Shooting 2 Police Officers After ‘Violating His Rights’ Over Expired Tags, Reports Says

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Tulsa World is reporting that two Tulsa Police officers were allegedly shot by David Anthony Ware. Ware was able to escape from police custody, but after a couple of hours, Tulsa PD located Ware at a house after a tip from Ware’s Facebook page.

From Tulsa World:

“The officers were attempting to pull Ware from a 2007 Chevy Cobalt. Ware was allegedly arguing that the officers were ‘violating his rights’ about the time they informed him the vehicle would be towed due to the expired temporary tags. Ware allegedly pulled a handgun from under his seat as the two officers attempted to remove him from the vehicle. He allegedly shot each officer three times, striking each in the head at least once.

Ware allegedly fled the immediate area on foot, got into a red Jeep SUV, and fled further. After a lengthy search and tips to police, officers located Ware at a residence near 34th Street and South Garnett Road. Ware surrendered when police surrounded the house. Tulsa Police Chief Wendell Franklin said the driver of the getaway vehicle, 29-year-old Matt Hall, had been arrested after 1:15 p.m. in Broken Arrow.”


It feels like things are getting worse in our country. The police have always walked around with a target on their backs. They go into the roughest neighborhoods and do the work that none of us want to do. They are brave and relentless, but they are also human and capable of making mistakes.

I am tired of having to say this, but it is okay to support the police. It is okay to say that these two men did not deserve to get shot. Corrupt cops deserve to be disciplined, including going to jail, but not all cops are corrupt.

I am tired of getting notices like this:

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