‘Woke’ WNBA Stars Deliver Devastating News To Fans, Say They Decided To Skip The 2020 Season To Fight For Social Justice, Avoid COVID-19

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I’m sorry to break this devastating news to you loyal COTR readers, but some WNBA stars are skipping the 2020 basketball season to fight for social justice causes, according to ABC News.


This is hilarious. First, I thought the 2020 basketball season was cancelled due to COVID-19. Apparently I was wrong and they are squeezing a season in starting in July.

Second, does anyone even watch the WNBA? Who will even notice if these players skip the season, other than their family and friends?

At least five WNBA players, citing battles for social justice reform or concerns over the novel coronavirus, have said they plan to sit out this season.

Days after the league announced plans to launch the 2020 season in July at the IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida, players from the Washington Mystics, Atlanta Dream and Connecticut Sun said they won’t be playing.

Here are some the very important announcements from some of the players who are sitting out.

Now, I fully realize that NONE of the names of these “star” players will ring any bells for you. That is okay. They didn’t for me either, which makes me question myself for even writing this article. But I couldn’t resist because it just cracked me up that these ladies think they are that important.

It’s also ridiculous that they feel they can’t play basketball and also advocate for social justice causes. Why does it have to be one or the other?

Some players, like LaToya Sanders and Jonquel Jones are skipping due to health concerns. That is a very personal choice over a legitimate concern.

The WNBA is very woke. In addition to stars sitting out for social justice, another player, Angel McCoughtry has requested that players be allowed to write the names of victims of police brutality on their jerseys. At least McCoughtry is capable to doing two things at one time.

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I will be playing this upcoming @wnba and I am looking forward to continue to fight social injustice issues while playing and supporting front line workers. ⠀ ⠀ I am currently working with the @lvaces and @wnba to use our voices, our uniforms, and our sport to continue to impact and create real change. I am creating a petition (LINK IN BIO) to allow players the ability to put the FIRST & LAST NAME of HUMAN BEINGS that who have been injured or KILLED in incidents involving POLICE BRUTALITY! Even Front line workers during the pandemic The goal is also to create a relationship with the families of who’s name the athlete has chosen. This is a way to use our platform to be a helping hand during these trying times. Silence is an ally for EVIL and when sports resume WE WILL NOT BE SILENT. ⠀ ⠀ #SayTheirNames ⠀ #blacklivesmatter ⠀ #thetimeisnow

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What about victims of black-on-black crime? What about the 3-year-old shot and killed in Chicago last weekend? What about Indianapolis Police Officer Breann Leath? Why don’t these lives matter? Until all black lives matter I cannot take the Black Lives Matter movement seriously or think of it as anything other than a group pushing left-wing causes.

I believe all black lives matter. Black unborn babies matter. Black children matter. Black police officers mater. Victims of black-on-black crime matter. And yes, black victims of police brutality matter. The fact that Black Lives Matters focuses singularly on black lives lost to police brutality, while ignoring all the others, makes them lose all credibility.