Joe Biden Incoherent When Trying To Defend His Son’s China Business Deal

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Watching Joe Biden incoherently defend his son’s China dealings is too much of everything.

I feel bad for the scumbag.

I know I shouldn’t feel bad for him. He is a scumbag that, at best, is a serial sexual predator, and at worst, is a treasonous serial sexual predator. The whole family is as worse as each other.

Dr. Jill Biden:

Dr. Biden doesn’t love her husband enough to force him to retire. ITs time. Its been time. I’ll never understand why Joe Biden’s wife continues to allow him to run for office when he is clearly unfit. Enabling your family does not show them you love them; in fact, it accomplishes the exact opposite.

Hunter Biden:

Hunter Biden got a stripper in Arkansas pregnant, and she had his baby. He is like movie inception but with cheating scandals. He left his first wife to be with his dead brother’s widow, who he then cheated on with the stripper from Arkansas, all the while dating/impregnating/marrying a South African filmmaker. We know that the majority of all the money he made while his father was in office is shady and/or fraudulent. The rumor is that he got money from the Russians for access to his father, and a similar deal is claimed to have been brokered with China.

Republicans couldn’t make up this much ammunition if we tried, and yet none of them are held to task on any of it.

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These people are the definition of swamp. If he is elected President, Joe Biden will go down as the most corrupt President in United States history, and he won’t remember signing a thing.

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