Maine Gov. Takes Away Rick Savage’s State License After He Defied Her Orders And Opened For Business.

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Ok Attorney General Barr – it’s time for you to step in now, please.

You remember how awesome Rick Savage, owner of Sunday River Brewing Company in Maine, was on Tucker the other night, right?  Here’s a refresher.

How’d his opening go, you might be wondering?  Check this out.

Yeah – people came out in DROVES to support him, just as I expected they would.  So what did Governor Janet Mills do?

Well, according to this, she shut him down.

It only took a few hours.  By the end of the day yesterday, they announced on their FB page that they’d be closing again “until further notice” after the state revoked his health licenses.

At first, he tried to fight it:

But by the end of the day, Savage announced that Sunday River Brewing Co. in Bethel would once again close “until further notice” after the state revoked his health licenses.

Here’s the link he was referring to. 

There was another update today:

So frustrating.  Apparently, more than 150 people had lined up to eat there in advance of their opening yesterday at 4pm.  But by that time, the governor had already moved to revoke his liquor and health licenses.  At first, he was adamant he’d stay open, calling the state’s move “ridiculous.”  They served about 250 people by 6pm.  But then just a few hours later, they shut down completely.  The GoFundMe linked above is to raise money to pay the fines they’ll undoubtedly incur and all the legal expenses they’ll undoubtedly have as a result of his courage to fight this.

We need a million more Rick Savages.  And we need AG Barr to make good on his promise to follow up on cases of government overreach.

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