NBC Reporter Defends His Shameful Question to Trump at Virus Briefing — Calls It A ‘Softball’

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

On Thursday, I asked what the media narrative shift might be by Friday.

And then there was one big MSDNC (typo intended) phony who came to the rescue to give us the answer. Peter Freaking Alexender. Mary R. wrote about the smackdown that he got from President Trump, here. I’m with Mary, Americans are sick of this bull.

It’s almost as if a mockingbird sent out a 4 AM alert, begging the media slimes to downplay Trump’s potential cure to the Coronavirus.  Imagine that. The media is moving from racism to “false hope” in a potential cure. Put Obama behind the podium with the same possible cure, and they’d kiss his feet and his a** and call him their savior.

But wait. Obama never did that. So why might the media want to sell a negative on a potential cure? That will likely be answered on another day, but on Friday, Peter Alexander went for the mockingbird of “false hope.”

Then on Friday afternoon, Alexander was on any screen he could get himself on with his media pals coming to his rescue.  His victim card defense was all about how “all he was doing was giving POTUS a softball to show empathy to all of us frightened Americans.” Oh please, give me the softball Peter, and I’d love to throw it right where it belongs.

Poor guy. Let me be clear: Peter Alexander is spewing a wad of bull. Why do I say that? Here’s the FULL CLIP they’re not showing you. Watch it, and you decide:

I’ll ask it again, Peter. WHY stir up an anti-Trump narrative surrounding a potential Coronavirus cure?

Could it be that the media knows they’ll only survive with help from the never-Trump establishment? They’re starving for something that they need – I can only imagine what it might be. Could they be reaching and grasping for an opportunity at a hopeful President Pence? I mean for gosh sakes, they were disappointed when Trump’s Coronavirus test came back negative. But wait, they’ve clearly shown their disdain for Pence too. Could it be that they have something in their back pocket that gives them hope in a potential Pelosi presidency? Where is Pelosi anyway?

No matter the mainstream spin on this, FRIDAY’S DRAMA was stirred up because a “CONCAST” reporter struck doubt and fear into a potential Trump admin cure and solution. Period. A drug that Dr. Fauci supports, BY THE WAY.

LET THAT SINK IN. As for a potential cure — if and when we have it, who’s with me in saying these media frauds need to go to the end of the line?

Is it “false hope”…if I’m hoping these media clowns are not allowed into the next Coronavirus task force presser? Will someone please give us a cure for TDS? AND most importantly, will someone please tape this note to Peter’s desk, asking him this question for all of us?

“Do you think your question was helpful in halting the spread of the coronavirus @PeterAlexander? How are you helping?
Answer: You’re not
.  Knock it off.”

After we recover from this, we will need to rebuild a lot of things. Rebuilding our media should be a priority.

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