19-Year-Old Female from New Mexico Shares Her Decision to #WalkAway from the Democrat Party

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

A Mexican female that goes by @jetrotter on Twitter. Her walk away story is one that we need to share. She is 19 years old now, but this story started back when she was 15. I have linked her post on her twitter handle above, but here it is in all its glory.

“I am a 19-year-old female from Albuquerque, New Mexico. I went to the Trump rally back in 2016 with my mom, brother, and a couple of friends. We were being yelled at from anti-trump protesters. I was NOT for Trump.

I was totally against him & went to cause HELL, but my mom decided to go & I couldn’t do that except sit there & LISTEN. It was a good speech & he was a good man, but I still wasn’t convinced. Leaving the rally we had to go through the other way because the anti-trump protesters wanted to get to us & hurt us. We walk outside & it looks like HELL. They made our city look like sh*t.

As we were walking out, a young man (early 20’s) got out & punched an old trump supporter that was a veteran. My mom had got in it with him to not do that. People were throwing things at us, screaming in our faces, putting the Mexican flags in our faces, throwing rocks at the horses, damaged police cars, starting fires. It was a riot (look it up, it made national news) from that point on I became a trump supporter.

I never posted about it or anything because I was afraid of the back flash. After Trump won office I started being more vocal, and people knew I was a Trump supporter. (I cannot vote but I sure as hell had an opinion) When I posted about Trump I had people delete me, block me, say f*cked up things to me. In school, I was called a bigot, harassed by a teacher because I was a Trump supporter, had to do a presentation during lunch because it was about Trump, and no one wanted to hear it because they didn’t want to hear “the hate.”

My 10-year-old brother was facing the same thing. He was told he couldn’t look up to Trump & couldn’t do a presentation because the teacher didn’t like him (before his candidacy) & my brother was not passion who he was writing about so we re-wrote & I stood by him as he presented it. I’m already losing friends, family, and more because of my patriotic opinions.

Trump comes back in 2019 for another Trump rally & I stood in line for over 12 hours!!! I was super excited to see the President. I posted this picture & it caused so much drama, so many nasty comments. But let tell y’all, his rally’s don’t get more patriotic. When everyone sang the national anthem together you felt it in your heart.

I walked away because I listened, I learned, I developed my own opinion. I am looked over because my opinion is not like other teenagers. I have registered to vote in 2020 (R) for Trump.

I was very liberal-minded, I even called my mom names when I still was against trump. I woke up. I want to make America, America again. I am so happy I changed my views instead of looking crazy. I am 19 years old with my own opinion.

Thank God for Trump & guns. I am a Republican in a Democrat state. #Walkaway” – Lala”

It is sad that at 19, this girl has already seen the harmful effects of our divided Democracy. She has lost family and friends. She and her family were persecuted in school. Through all the adversity, she sees that it is the far left of this country that spews the hate. She has experienced the movement and saw it is for everyone, not just white males like the left want you to believe.

Watch this video from outside Trump’s Rally in Phoenix, Arizona.

Anthony or @conservelatino is the chair to the Republican National Hispanic Assembly of California. He shared his want to go to this rally in Phoenix and invited Telemundo to cover it. He wanted to prove that there are real Latino voices for Trump. Telemundo accepted and finally covered the Latino voices at the Trump rally.

It is always great to see the masses break from the ideas the left spews at conservatives, and see this movement for what it is, patriotic.

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