A Mayor Pete Fangirl Has Decided To Let Us Know How Much She Hates Us, And This Level Of Crazy Needs To Be Shared.

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Holy crap.  You guys have to see this batsh*ttery.

If it looks like she’s having a back-and-forth with us, or a conversation of some sort, I can absolutely assure you that she isn’t.  These were tweets that came to us in response to literally nothing.  She posted her first comment, and then apparently dreamed up some responses from us in her head which never took place, and then kept tweeting at us until it all culminated with her telling us to f*ck off.

If those are hard to read, here are the embedded tweets:

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Yikes.  Someone needs some therapy. Here’s her bio:

If that’s hard to read, it says, “im the needle in the haystack & in 2018 i gave the president a felony liiike death threat..THEN the secret service wiped my account, so…ya.i am starting ova:D”

The poster child for mental stability, amirite?

It’s not unusual for us to get idiotic troll tweets like this, but every now and then, they gotta be shared, just so you can feast your eyes on the level of insanity we share a country with.

Stay vigiliant.  There is serious crazy among us.