Poll Indicates Yang Supporters May Be Supporting Trump Now

The New York Post is reporting a surprising finding of a recent poll regarding Andrew Yang supporters.

Now that Yang has dropped out of the race, where will his supporters go?  According to a poll released by Stanford University/Reality Check, 33% now support Bernie Sanders and, surprisingly, the candidate who gains the second most support is none other than Donald J. Trump.  Another 33% are undecided, while Biden picks up 4%, Klobuchar 2.5% and Butt-Edge-Edge gets 1%.

Interestingly, only half of Yang’s supporters called themselves Democrats.

The pollsters speculate that Trump picks up support because Trump and Yang both focus on making sure that jobs are created and stay in the USA.

Pollster Benjamin Leff said, “Yang’s message of job loss due to technological change likely resonated with previous Trump supporters whole felt excluded from America’s modern economy.”

These findings aren’t entirely surprising.  After all, Yang was not lockstep with liberal orthodoxy.  COTR writer Karen Ashely wrote about how he was roasted this past week for suggesting abortion should not be celebrated.  Also, Yang is not a politician, so in that way he is reminiscent of DJT.

On the other hand, these results are surprising.  Yang stood for Medicare for all, increased taxes, redistribution of income, restricting 2A rights, and abortion up until birth.  None of this is in line with what President Trump believes in.

So, what’s next for Yang?  According to the New York Post, Yang may be considering a run for mayor of New York City.  Let’s hope so.  Anything would be an improvement upon Bill de Blasio.

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