BREAKING: AG Bill Barr Announces MASSIVE Crackdown on Sanctuary Cities — Lawsuits Will be Filed

Bill Barr is da bomb.

U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr announced a crackdown on sanctuary cities Townhall is reporting.  The Trump administration will be filing suit against several sanctuary cities.  Barr announced the crackdown at the National Sheriff’s Association 2020 Winter Legislative and Technology Conference.

Well, it’s about time!

At the conference, Barr declared,

Let us state the reality upfront and as clearly as possible.  When we are talking about sanctuary cities, we are talking about policies that are designed to allow criminal aliens to escape. These policies are not about people who came to our country illegally but have otherwise been peaceful and productive members of society.  Their express purpose is to shelter aliens whom local law enforcement has already arrested for other crimes.  This is neither lawful nor sensible.

Barr called out how sanctuary cities are, in effect, discriminating against American citizens.

We are meticulously reviewing the actions of certain district attorneys who have adopted policies of charging foreign nationals with lesser offenses for the express purpose of avoiding the federal immigration consequences of those nationals’ criminal conduct.  In pursuing their personal ambitions and misguided notions of equal justice, these district attorneys are systematically violating the rule of law and may even be unlawfully discriminating against American citizens.

So basically, an American citizen might be charged with the actual, appropriate charge for a crime committed, while an illegal alien will receive a lesser charge.  This is done solely to help the illegal alien avoid deportation.  This is so wrong!

Barr noted that federal law doesn’t require that cities assist them with enforcing immigration law.  However, it is against the law for cities to interfere and stop federal agents from enforcing the law.

Trump made big promises to his voters regarding illegal immigration.  His administration needs to continue to fight this problem, despite the continual obstacles put in their way by the courts and Republicans and Democrats who are not committed to stopping illegal immigration.  Democrats want their eventual votes.   Many Republicans want cheap labor.  Thankfully we have DJT and his administration standing up for the people.

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