Biden Abruptly Pulls Out of New Hampshire, Heads to SC for Next Primary

Joe Biden is leaving New Hampshire early to head for the next primary state of South Carolina.

Fox News is reporting,

The former vice president abruptly announced on Tuesday morning that he won’t spend primary night in New Hampshire as planned and instead is flying to South Carolina to headline a newly scheduled kick-off rally in the state he’s long considered his campaign firewall.

“We’re going to head to South Carolina tonight,” Biden told reporters as he visited a polling station with voting underway in the state that holds the first primary in the race for the White House.

Biden already announced in the debate Friday night that the campaign was going to take another hit in New Hampshire.

Biden responded to questioning about this surprise concession, saying, “I’m not writing off New Hampshire. I’m going to campaign like hell here in New Hampshire, as I’m going to do in Nevada, in South Carolina and beyond. Look, this is just getting going here. This is a marathon.”

Well, he apparently has written off New Hampshire.  If he was going to see a first or second place finish, he would definitely be staying for his party.  Biden’s supporters must feel so dejected at this point.  Biden maintains that he is still “mildly hopeful” about his chances in New Hampshire.  WHAT?!  What politician says that?  Can you imagine this man on the world stage, negotiating with Putin or Chinese President Xi?

Biden recently suggested Mickey Mouse could beat Trump.

At this point, I think Mickey Mouse has a better chance of being the Democratic nominee than Joe Biden.

Of course, Bernie Sanders is relishing in the news of Joe leaving early.

South Carolina is now an absolute must win for Joe Biden.

Pollster Andrew Smith highlighted the problem for Biden, explaining, “If your candidacy is based on electability, once you don’t win elections, that electability argument dissipates very rapidly,” Smith explained. “If Biden does very poorly in New Hampshire, going forward those voters in Nevada and South Carolina are going to look at that electability argument in a very different light because to be electable, you need to win elections.”


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