You Need To Hear This Person Talk About De-Transitioning, And How Doctors Are Failing Kids With Gender Dysphoria. Holy Crap.

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I came across a fascinating account on Twitter a few days ago.  

I’m not sure if “Watson” is part of this person’s real name or not, but for the sake of simplicity I’ll simply refer to him as Watson in this post. I’m also using his current gender pronouns, even though Watson, who was born female, is currently living as a male, but is in the process of detransitioning back to female.

Now, before you make judgments, Watson was done a massive disservice by his healthcare practitioners.  He had a total mastectomy in his early 20s, regrets it completely, and is horrified that people in their teens are allowed to make such life-altering decisions so easily.  He talks at length about how the laws in Scotland are making it even easier, and that’s NOT a good thing.

You can hear his entire story right here:

If you’re not able to watch right now, allow me to share some posts from his Twitter account.  You’ll find him to be thoughtful, realistic, and most importantly COMPLETELY RIGHT about how totally bonkers things have become with respect to gender dysphoria.

Like I said, it’s fascinating to read Watson’s posts.  And he has such an important voice, particularly in our crazy culture right now, where we’re seeing headlines like these:

I mean, WTF is even happening.

You should check out the “Tweets and Replies” section of our Twitter account from this weekend, y’all.  I wrote a tweet in response to some SJW weirdo about how I would never be compelled to use the word “they” as a singular pronoun to describe a trans person, nor would I ever be compelled to use words like “zhir” or “xe” and you would have thought that I’d said I was going on a puppy killing spree or something.  People LOST THEIR MINDS with rage at how awful I am.

This is a crazy crazy world.  And so it’s nice, every now and then, to hear from someone like Watson, who has the sense and self-awareness to see that what he went through was WRONG.  It isn’t wrong for everyone, as he said, but it certainly isn’t something that should garner the kind of affirmation it currently gets.