Cardi B Changes Mind On Moving To Nigeria, Now Wants To Run For Congress

A wise man once said…stupid is as stupid does.

Does she really believe this?  And, do dumb people even know they’re dumb?

Perhaps English 101 should be the very first class she should enroll in.  Then maybe Ethics 101.

Now, the truly scary thing is, given the right district, she could probably get elected.  For reference, see Alexandria Ocasio Cortez.

We really shouldn’t expect much from someone who support Bernie Sanders and actually thinks he has good ideas.

Let’s not forget what Cardi B. was in the news for last year.  Remember she bragged that she drugged and robbed men that she brought to her room to do the nasty with.

How exactly would she fit in with the #MeToo party?! Well, her hypocrisy would fit right in, that’s for certain.

It is amazing that someone this immoral and this unintelligent is famous.  One thing is for certain, our culture is going down the tubes.  Twitter always makes that clear.


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