BREAKING: Iran’s Only Female Olympic Medalist Defects to the Netherlands

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Iran’s only female Olympic medalist has DEFECTED.  Twenty-one year old Kimia Alizadeh has left for Europe.  She won a bronze medal for Taekwondo in Rio de Janeiro in 2016.

She slammed the Iranian regime for its treatment of women and for controlling her life.

I cannot imagine the mixed emotions of leaving.  The heartache and grief for those left behind, especially family.  You can hear her heart when she said, “I remain a daughter of Iran wherever I am.”

She went on to say,

They took me wherever they wanted. I wore whatever they said. Every sentence they ordered me to say, I repeated. Whenever they saw fit, they exploited me.  I wasn’t important to them. None of us mattered to them, we were tools.

YOU GO GIRL!  That is courage.

Her defection comes amidst widespread protests in Iran following Iran’s mistakenly shooting down a Ukrainian airliner.

Notably, all of the democratic presidential candidates have been silent, voicing no support for the protesters in Iran.  Why is that?  Perhaps because it does nothing to advance their Trump sucks agenda.

Wishing Alizadeh happiness, health, and most of all, FREEDOM.

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Source:  Washington Examiner