Ilhan Omar Gets REKT Over Promoting Slander of Anti-Iranian Regime Journalist

It’s not unusual for Ilhan Omar to say or tweet things with questionable undertones, ranging from lightly anti-Semitic to hinting at terrorist sympathy.

At first blush, her latest tweet seems harmless by comparison to other Omar classics (“some people did something,” anyone?):

But then the whole picture unfolded.

Yes, that’s the Masih Alinejad who’s made a career out of fighting for human rights in Iran. You know, this one:

Plenty of people came to Alinejad’s defense, including actress Nazanin Boniadi, above, and editor Maryam Nayeb Yazdi, but the best response came from Alinejad herself. It’s ten tweets of pure, unadulterated smack down. Buckle up.

Mic. Drop.

The Ilhan Omars are easier to take when we’re reminded of the Masih Alinejads of the world.

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