WATCH: Man Crashes Elizabeth Warren “Rally”

It’s the weekend!  So, time for some fun.  And ladies and gentlemen…this is just FUN to watch.

Watch this man become UNHINGED at an Elizabeth Warren “rally”.

Her iddy biddy “rallies” are so cute, aren’t they?  And while I agree with the man, he does come off just a touch crazed.

Grandma Elizabeth “there, there now” Warren stayed so very calm and soothing.

The man screamed,

You’re siding with ISIS.  You’re siding with Iran.  Why are you siding with terrorists for?  Why are you siding with terrorists for?  My grandfather died in world war II.  You’re a fraud.  Disgusting!

One person in the very small audience finally started to boo.  It was like they didn’t know what to do.  Finally a chorus of boos erupted.

Grandma Elizabeth, in her lullaby voice, said,

No, no.  This is a man who is deeply upset.  It’s alright.  It’s time for you to leave.  It’s time for you to leave.  It’s good to see you.”

The man returned the sentiment, saying, “It’s good to see you.  Hope you resign!!!”

The Twitter comments in response to this were rich.  A lot of enjoyable mocking of the crowd size.

@DrexTreaster taunted, “Was Warren the keynote speaker at a PTA meeting?”

@rsmpinchrist observed, “Really, in a room that small he could have gotten his point across using his indoor voice.”

Hope you enjoyed the video as much as I did!


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