FACT CHECK: Joe Biden Claims He Garnered Republican Votes For Obamacare To Pass

Another day on the campaign trail, another ridiculous remark from Joe Biden.

Joe Biden recently campaigned in Texas, where he told supporters that he’s the guy who can bring us together and get legislation passed.  After all, he’s the one who got Republican votes for Obamacare and the Recovery Act.

Only one problem:  Obamacare was passed along party lines.  Zero Republican Senators voted for Obamacare.  The 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act received a grand total of three votes from Republican Senators (one of whom switched to the Democrat party later that year).  Let’s give Biden the benefit of the doubt and credit him with obtaining those three Republican votes – I wouldn’t exactly consider that a rousing, unifying success.

Oh, Joe.  It’s one thing to make a gaffe, but this was a straight-up lie, as revealed by easily accessible information. Doesn’t he have a whole staff to help him get his facts straight before he speaks?

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