Here’s What’s Happened So Far During The House Judiciary Committee Hearing

YOU GUYS – because Democrats chose 3 of the expert law professors who are testifying today, and Republicans chose the other, Democrats spent their ENTIRE QUESTIONING PERIOD ONLY speaking to the 3 they brought.  Professor Turley got like 30 seconds.

As I write this at 12.45pm ET, Turley now has the floor to refute all of the crap that the liberal professors spewed, and he’s doing a fantastic job.

But to catch you up, check out these:

Doug Collins is literally all of us:

She is so right on that.  Prof. Karlan is absolutely ear-bleedingly awful to listen to.

By the way, Karlan gave $1000 to Elizabeth Warren’s campaign back in July.  FYI.

Anyway, that’s where we are.  It’s going to be an exciting afternoon!


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