Someone Needs to Stop Andrew Yang.



You think it can’t get any worse than Creepy Joe talking about how much he loves having kids on his lap, and then. . . THIS.

Now, understandably, you were probably focused mostly on the whipped cream situation up front when you watched the video. But I have to recommend watching it again (I know, I know, trust me on this) and focus this time on Zach Graumann, Yang’s campaign manager, behind him.

“Alright, that’s enough, that’s enough, that’s enough.”

That’s a man who’s questioning every choice he ever made that brought him to this moment. This moment where, as a professional adult, he had to stop another grown ass, professional man, a candidate for PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, from squirting whipped cream into the mouth of another grown man on camera.

Literally what even is 2019.

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