Candace Owens Fan Gets Dumped By A Resister And Dodges The Biggest Bullet Ever.

Mockarena, Co-Founder

Look at this.

She literally opens up her thread by saying she went out with a “great guy” with whom she “enjoyed casual conversation.”  But because he listens to Candace Owens online and likes her, Debbie-the-triggered-seahag sits in shock, ends the date, and then blocks his phone number so that she can “recover.”

She is STILL RECOVERING from her trauma.

I am so completely thrilled for this guy that he will never have to deal with her sh*t again, and hope that he finds a real, strong, free-thinking woman who doesn’t run scared at the first sign of disagreement.

When did people become this fragile – that they can’t continue a conversation and explore a relationship with someone who simply thinks differently than they do?  Has no one ever heard of Mary Matalin and James Carville?

Look – I’m not gonna pretend that I wouldn’t be disappointed if I were a single woman who just discovered that her date wasn’t like-minded politically, but I certainly wouldn’t react the way that Debbie did.  If anything, I’d see it as an opportunity to learn and perhaps even change the mind of someone who I otherwise thought was a “great guy.”

But Debbie?  She’s so triggered she literally can’t recover from spending time with someone who simply LIKES A PODCAST that she doesn’t like. WTF.

The guy dodged a major bullet.

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