California’s Failed Utopia — Can’t Even Keep the Electricity On

But wait, I thought they were so sure they were the elite? I mean, we all knew it was a crock of crap, but awe… poor babies.

I really do feel sorry for everyone who is a victim to these out-of-control wildfires. I can’t even imagine what that’s like.

However, there are basic functions that should have taken place preceding these disasters.

Brush management: like landscaping but a little more work for a MUCH bigger cause for prevention. I know, I know, clipping the ends of your leaves and roses in the garden seems like a lot of work in that gorgeous and breezy weather… but that’s just not gonna cut it (haha, more puns).

“If California can’t keep the electricity on, if California can’t perform basics tasks like forest and brush management, if your once beautiful cities are now killing fields of human waste, needles, and the homeless, you are a failed state.”

If they continue at this rate, they can use the phrase, “what are we, cave people?!” quite literally.

It’s just a waterfall (trying not to be insensitive to the whole wildfire situation) of failure heading their way from lacking shelter, means of transportation, personal safety, sanitation, and other aspects that account for government efforts to ensure a state is successful.

“But there are not enough sane people in California to fix a state that is almost certainly beyond repair, too far gone to ever come up with the 51 percent of voters needed to put sane, grounded leaders into the state capitol. I am talking about leaders who will focus on the basics before they chase the unicorn of a green energy utopia, who are not willing to watch responsible home and business owners chased away by outrageous taxes, regulations, and fuel costs, but are willing to defy the enviro-nuts to remove the brush and trees close to power lines.”

And that’s exactly what’s so crazy – the same states who scream “SAVE OUR PLANET” from their unkempt brushy mountain tops are the same people who allow their streets to be littered and overflown with cups from their poor taste in bean water (aka – coffee, because hipsters and woke-ness).

Oh, but electricity is scary and those power lines sure look dangerous!


Take the monocle off, stop blowing smoke up your butt with your own stupid rainbow-colored vape, and stop being such a non-contributing sponge.

The lack of effort is masked in bogus holier-than-thou claims that we mustn’t disturb Mother Earth – welp, if ya took care of her, she wouldn’t be up in flames right now. So put that in your vape and smoke it. Oh, wait. You probably shouldn’t.

Everyone needs a haircut. Even Mother Earth.

… holding…back…global warming….jokes…

Oh. One last thought – maybe, just maybe… if they didn’t fund a sh*t ton of illegals, they’d have money to keep their own electricity on.

*mic drop*

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