The Libs Are Mad Sean Spicer Is Still On Dancing With The Stars

In case you aren’t aware, former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer is a contestant on the current season of Dancing With the Stars.  His casting alone caused a lot of heartache among liberals.  Now, they can’t handle the fact that he hasn’t been kicked off yet.

In this week’s Halloween episode, Spicer went full Frankenstein:

Celebs remain on the show based on a combination of judges’ points and audience votes.  And Spicer is getting a lot of audience votes.

As one might expect, the libs are losing their minds over this development.

(Please excuse the language in that top tweet.)

Basically, they’re encouraging voter fraud over a freaking TV show, because a contestant they don’t like is associated with President Trump.  The TDS here is unreal.

I disagree that we need to change the format of the show just because people are being crazy, but the rest of Leslie’s tweet is spot on.  Just watch the show and forget about politics for a bit.  If we could stop injecting politics and political disagreements into absolutely everything, that’d be great.

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