Violent Clash Breaks Out Between African Migrants And Mexican Authorities As They Demand Transportation to US Border

Ashley (Kimber)

My husband and I cross the border into Tijuana for San Diego for lunch and shopping pretty often.

More and more, we’ve noticed there has been a rather sudden influx of African migrants in the border town. They are clearly not FROM the area, as they don’t speak Spanish.

This migrant influx has created issues for Mexican authorities, who, for the most part, are attempting to fulfill Trump’s demands to help curb illegal entry into the United States, or face crippling economic consequences such as tariffs.

Migrants, emboldened by the Left’s open border rhetoric, and the promise of free food, shelter, and HEALTH CARE once they illegally enter our nation, not only expect to easily cross the border – they expect HELP.

…which is why things like this happen:

CLEARLY, the Mexican officers are just more White Supremacist Nazis, right Dems?

Isn’t this just MORE proof we should be allowed to decide who we let in?