The Left’s Reaction To David Koch’s Passing Is A Sad Reminder Of The World We Live In

Ashley (Kimber)

As I mentioned earlier, billionaire and philanthropist David Koch has died at the age of 79.

While I didn’t always agree 100% with everything the Koch brothers supported, there is absolutely no doubt that they gave millions upon millions to truly worthy causes. Their legacy of philanthropy has made immeasurable differences in the lives of many, many Americans.

The world has, in my opinion, lost a truly exceptional man.

Which of course, means the left is dancing in the street about it:

REALLY? And what have YOU done, Twitter warrior?

…TF is this woman talking about? David Koch wanted her and her “comrades” dead?


Your “partner” is a sociopath.

Many also took the opportunity to attack his surviving brother, who must be truly grief-stricken at this moment:

This is really sick. This is really, really sick.

Prayers always help.

It’s a pity you sick pups don’t understand that.

This is about 1 1-millionth of what’s out there… but I’m just too repulsed to keep going. You get the idea.

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