Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Has Gone Twitter Absent… And The Internet Thinks It Knows Why

Ashley (Kimber)

Earlier, I mentioned I haven’t heard much from AOC lately.

I figured it was because her Anti-Semitic gal pals were stealing her spotlight.

I didn’t realize it was because she’s TWITTER MIA:


This is BIZARRE coming from a chick who used to tweet every 7 minutes.

Interestingly, she’s still active on Instagram and Facebook:

HMMM…What gives? CLEARLY something is up.

And people think they know what that “something” or rather WHO that “something” is:

The “brains” …if you want to call whatever those dolts have as thinking mechanisms “brains.”

And so it seems that the AOC we love to hate isn’t the AOC we thought we knew at all.

This really does all make sense though. I was surprised AOC was able to type that many words.

It turns out she didn’t actually type any of them!

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