CNN Deems ‘Fredo’ An ‘Ethnic Slur’ – Ignores The Countless Times It Was Used On Their Own Network

Ashley (Kimber)

A video showing CNN’s Chris Cuomo melting down after an unnamed man called him “Fredo” has gone viral, eliciting responses from a wide swath of people, including the president himself.

The video shows the CNN host threatening the man he will “f***in ruin your sh**” and “f***ing throw you down the stairs” for calling him what he likened to the “Italian n-word.”

CNN stands firmly by Cuomo, claiming he acted in self-defense after being “verbally attacked with the use of an ethnic slur.”

CNN’s Matt Dornic asserted that those at CNN “completely support him.”

This reveals a dilemma, however. The term ‘Fredo’ has, interestingly, been used on the very same network a number of times to attack and demean political opponents. In fact, many of these instances occurred on Cuomo’s own show.

Cuomo did not express his disapproval of the “ethnic slur” at that time.

In fact, the ‘slur’ has been used on his show frequently, and segments including the ‘slur’ have even been tweeted out by their official Twitter account:

Cuomo’s show isn’t the only guilty party. The “Italian n-word” was frequently thrown around throughout the network:

Donald Trump Jr. has weighed in:

No word yet on whether Cuomo threw Ana Navarro down the stairs once filming for the show wrapped.

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