Bernie Sanders Campaign Hashtag Backfires

Ashley (Kimber)

A social media hashtag campaign created by the Bernie Sanders team to gain social media traction is majorly backfiring after being swarmed by Democrats who still blame him for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 loss.

The hashtag #MyBernieStory was meant to be a way in which Bernie supporters could share their personal reasons for backing the Democratic Socialist candidate, but has quickly turned into a forum for his critics to vent their frustrations.

The majority of these critiques center around Bernie’s role in Hillary Clinton’s loss:

“I remember when Hillary Clinton was on the heels of being the FIRST woman President of the United States, after 227 years of only electing men- 44 in a row. And women weren’t even allowed to be excited bc the angry white men on the left harassed us into silence. #MyBernieStory”


Bernie Sanders did nothing in 2016 to reign in his sexist supporters.

I was called ‘whore’ on multiple occasions and a supporter said I should be raped for supporting Hillary.

To think this couldn’t happen let me remind you of the “Bern the Witch” rally”

The hashtag has also been used by conservative critics of his socialist policies:

There are, of course, also many tweets from his supporters:

The hashtag is part of a renewed social media push from the trailing Sanders campaign.

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